Friday, February 13, 2015

Great Grandchildren

Jack is 3 1/2 months old and weighs over 15 pounds. He, Julie, Carolyn and Sadie came to visit today. The rapid changes that children make from week-to-week at this age is nothing short of a miracle. He is a very happy little fellow and definitely demonstrates male characteristics. While Sadie seems to favor her daddy with some of her characteristics, Jack is more like his mother. They are both our favorite Great Grandchildren. Sadie sang all the way through the alphabet song today with her mother as well as other songs by herself. Jack is very much aware of different people but will smile at all of us. Sadie and I took some “selfies” with the camera but they didn’t turn out very well. We get along best taking them on the laptop with her pushing the button. I was part of a discussion today on electronic media vs hard copy publication of our Kiwanis monthly newsletter. It won’t be many years before people will not believe such a discussion was ever held. It will be as obsolete as a situation I recall while working at Swift & Co. in Omaha as a young man. We were loading individual Hams and the boss asked one of the workers to put 6 more in the cart. When the fellow looked at him questioningly, the boss said, “Oh! that's right, I forgot, you can’t count”. 

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