Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Conservation Comic Booklets

This is a 16 page “comic booklet” published by the Soil and Water Conservation Society aimed at helping the conservation education of elementary school children.  This one on Plants is one of several published on various topics such as “Water in Your Hands”, “The Story of Land”, etc. They were written by experienced conservation educators, published by SWCS and sold   in bulk numbers to School Districts and Organizations which made them available to schools.  Teacher Guides were also available. These booklets were very popular during the ’80’s and during the years of my being the Executive Vice-President for the Society in Ankeny, IA in the late 80’s and early ’90’s. Like many educational tools, there was a move toward computerized material by the time I left the organization. I hope that many of the students who were exposed to these booklets are now among those in our society who feel strongly about the sustained use of our natural resources. And, today we need to think of our worldwide climate as a part of our natural resources which needs to be sustained. 

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