Friday, February 6, 2015

Grandma’s Spoon Collection

A casual comment by older people can set-off several hours of entertainment when there is little else on their agenda. This was the case at our house today when Elaine questioned how we may handle a collection of little spoons which her Mother had collected. There are some things which are nice to distribute to family members for a “keepsake” from their ancestors. For instance, I prize a 1877 Liberty Seated Quarter that was given to my Mother by her father when she was a girl since it was dated the year of his birth.  It was one of her prized possessions and will be passed along to future generations along with the “story” which has been written. But what do you do with a collection (35-40) spoons that stimulated pleasant memories of the person that collected them but probably have little personal attachment for others. If any of the Grand kids, Great Grand kids or family decedents of Elaine’s Mother would like to have one, we would be pleased to pass it on. Elaine’s Mother and Dad like many people of that era were able financially to so some traveling and buy a few “wants” in retirement that were impossible earlier. Flora took a lot of pride in her collection of spoons that were displayed on a special spoon rack. The collection includes spoons from our trip with them to California, their visiting us back in Washington, D.C. and a trip they made to Bogota, Columbia in South America to visit their son Dale and family while he was assigned there with the UN-L Rockefeller Project.

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  1. I also have a small spoon collection so if after all the family gets the ones they want, and you still have some, I would love to add them to my collection.