Saturday, February 7, 2015


You have heard of people being as close as “ two peas in a pod” but have you ever seen them as close as, “two kids in a tub”.  I was 18 months younger than Vivian but we were very “close” growing up. Our Country school teacher even thought we should be in the same grade so I “skipped” 6th grade so we could go to HS together. This picture was taken in Seward before we moved out to the farm. The spot where the tub was setting for the picture  as well as the whole 6 lots of the property on West Moffitt street, are now part of the Hughes Bros. storage yard.  Sadie and Jack, our Great Grandchildren  are about 27 months apart. Jack is about 3 months old now and Sadie has accepted him very well. We haven’t observed any jealousy on her part for needing to share attention. Maybe older sisters are adept at doing so, but like Vivian, they also seem to be sure to get their share. 

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