Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tonic Water from Mike’s Market

I didn’t get downtown for coffee yesterday with the 6’’ of snow accumulating  so was anxious to go today. I had cleaned off the driveway and knew we needed bread and bananas which helped justify my going out in the very cold weather. After coffee, I stopped past “Mike’s Market”, picked up the bananas, bread and a few other things on sale. That included 3. 1 liter bottles of Tonic Water with Quinine on sale for $0.88. Quinine was recommended to me some years ago as a prevention of leg cramps and it works. I keep a supply in the lower level refrigerator and drink it while spending time down there in my shop, office or on the PC.  I paid cash for my few items and didn’t check the ticket until I got home, then noticed that the Tonic Water rang-up as $1.13. I questioned driving back down the 4 blocks to correct the overcharge or to just forget it. Then I realized Elaine hadn’t been out of the house for a couple days so she went along and stayed in the car while I talked to Mike. He was most appreciative of our calling it to their attention; it just hadn’t been changed in their scanner.  I justified the whole experience by doing a friend a favor. We like Mike, and he continues to make improvements in the store, its products and mostly, its management. My bargains this morning also included two of the best lemon pepper, roasted pork chops off the warm Deli counter that we have had in years. I’ll probably use the 75cents that I got back today to buy more pork chops from Mike tomorrow. 

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