Monday, February 2, 2015

Staying Busy on Groundhog's Day

The Groundhog saw his shadow soon after the sun rose this morning and it shown brightly throughout the day. While I cleaned most of the snow off our driveway yesterday, I went out this afternoon and got it off the sidewalk and that which blew in overnight. It warmed up into the high teens and some of the snow even melted. I didn’t go to coffee this morning nor to Kiwanis at noon, but enjoyed the day reorganizing computer files and looking at what I have stored on flash drives. The 1980’s box that I pulled off the shelf in the basement yesterday, continues to be most interesting. I read things this afternoon that I don’t remember ever having seen before. We were involved with so many activities during the 80’s in addition to our jobs, the farm, our house in town, etc. that we weren't sure if we were coming or going. I noted in one of my Journal entries that if I left the house by 7:15am, I could stop past the farm to stoke the wood stove and be at work in Lincoln before 8:00am.  I often listened to Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” on the way home when I would again stoke the stove and do whatever else that needed to be done out there before coming on in to town.   It is interesting to look back on those days to “relive” the Happy Times and be appreciative of the many people who helped us through the difficult ones.
(Thanks to Elaine for taking the picture)

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