Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seward Memorial Hospital

Sampson Construction continues to make good progress on the addition to the Seward Memorial Hospital. This shows the activity this morning of using the “sky hook” mounted on a heavy truck bed, to lift the precast concrete flooring panels into place on the steel framework. While this addition includes several improvements, the rehabilitation facilities will be featured. What you see is two stories above the ground level but there are 2 levels below including a swimming pool. The use of pre-cast concrete has revolutionized construction. It is interesting to note the holes in the flooring that facilitates running utility lines through the floor and revising them in the future. 
Here is what the Hospital looked like back in the late summer of 1950 when it opened. The current addition is to the left of the original front door. There is a triple window visible to the left of the original front door that shows in both pictures. I believe the construction underway will cover the original windows that still show today. They are the last vestiges of the original building visible while driving past on Columbia Avenue. 

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