Wednesday, April 1, 2015

John D. “Jack” Armstrong

My longtime friend and HS Classmate, Jack Armstrong died Monday, his funeral will be in Lincoln tomorrow. This picture was taken a year ago when I went up to the Greene House for his 90th birthday. We took him to the Garland High School Alumni reunion last June and had a great time. However,  during the fall, he suffered a stroke which necessitated his move to the Crestview Care Center in Milford. Jack served in the Army during WWII and an additional 35 years in the Nebraska National Guard. Jack was truly “an All American Boy” as depicted in a radio program when we were kids. He had exceptional athletic ability, automotive mechanic knowledge and natural leadership skills. His obituary in this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star makes reference to his “First Sargent” voice and his passion for sports and his family. He leaves us with many Happy Memories of a life well lived. My further references to Jack may be viewed by entering his name in to top, left corner, little box on my blog page.

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