Sunday, April 26, 2015

Great Trip-Great Time

I took this picture of the centerfield scoreboard at the Marlin’s park during the 6th inning of the game on Friday evening.  The amount of information included would almost keep an announcer talking. I set the camera on a solid base to use the telescopic lens which helps the stability.  I got through all our papers and mail this morning and processed pictures this afternoon after going to an Alaska program at the Library. It was put on by the John Hughes’ and Gary Rolfs’. Rolfs’  lived there for 11 years and Hughes had gone on an inside passage tour this past summer.
Processing the pictures gave me an opportunity to re-live the whole trip after a good night’s sleep in our old bed. I probably enjoyed it as much today as while we were there. (Except for the couple pictures in the plane with the Ohio State guy setting in front of me). Tim and Tony enjoyed the Bobblehead Museum with its hundreds of baseball players. They had a computer where selected players could be located. Many of them were bobbling at all times. I sold all the ones we had on eBay. I don’t know how their value has held up but has probably been better than the tractors and cars that I’ve collected. The Great Memories of the trip will far out last any others. Thanks!!!

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