Thursday, April 23, 2015

ART vs Grafetti

My blog page of Friday, April 10, 2015 was, “ART by any other Name”. It was about Eric Ringler (HOTTEA) who was in town as a guest of Concordia University and the Jones National Bank and Trust. He typically works with yarn to create installations that co-exist with a space non-destructively and brings attention to forgotten spaces. That is not necessarily the case for the art that he and some of the Concordia students produced on the fire escape at the east entrance of the Seward County Court House. My enthusiasm for the project was heightened after going to Concordia’s web site at and seeing more information on Ringler’s background. I’ve now had an opportunity to see the finished project and am most impressed. The various colors and shades are most pleasing to view as they transition from color to color. I suspect he is familiar with ROY G BIV, the acronym for the colors of the Rainbow: Red, Orange, .... I have no idea how long it may last. The “strings” are pulled taunt and tied very securely. I don’t know the extent that snow or ice may need to be cleaned off the steps nor the problem with the strings, but that is the only “down side” that I can think of as a possible problem. I Think It Looks Great. 

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