Friday, April 17, 2015

Jack’s Scrapbook

I visited with Gary (Bud) Armstrong a few weeks ago at Jack Armstrong’s funeral about a scrap book that Jack’s sister had kept for a number of years. She had started it many years ago to keep newspaper clippings of Jack’s athletic articles. As time went on, Gerry expanded her interest to a variety of topics involving people from the Garland area. Most of the clippings were put in the book back in the late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Jack showed us the scrapbooks several years ago and even loaned it to us at one time for a few days.  When I asked Bud what might happen to the scrapbook, he asked if we wanted it. He said they had looked at it and didn’t know any of the people so saw little value in it. I suggested that it might have a place in the Seward County Historical Society Museum or even in the old Garland Bank that is being restored to hold some local memorabilia. This morning he came by to drop it off and visit. I haven’t spent much time in it today but after just a couple of pages, came across this clipping of Brother Don and Gladys’ wedding. It is a  bit yellow with age but thought maybe some of their family would enjoy seeing it. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a beautiful bride! In fact, even on those first few pages I came across stories on some of my old girlfriends. We also came across the write-up on one of Elaine’s cousins wedding which took place in the fall of ’62 only to realize that we had moved back to the Washington area by then which accounted for our not remembering it.  

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