Monday, April 6, 2015

Turkey Vultures & Income Tax

We met with our  Tax Consultant this afternoon in his office which is a couple block south of our downtown water tower. We had things pretty well prepared and as he worked his way through our information, I was able to watch the Turkey Vultures circling around and roosting on the water tower. Ken commented that they had just returned within the past few days. There are a couple other towers around town where they are know to roost. As homely as the Vultures' head is, they are beautiful to watch glide and ride the air currents to maintain their altitude without “flapping” their wings. They do an excellent job of cleaning up the dead squirrels, rabbits and other creatures that  have been run over, or whatever.  They are a species that has become commonplace here in the Seward area that were not knowen to exist here 50 years ago. I did think there was some irony in being able to look out the window and watch the Vultures circle the area as our income tax was being computed. 

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