Wednesday, April 15, 2015

John Deere “A” on Rubber

This is a toy model of a John Deere “A” that was introduced by the company in 1934. It was the industries first row-crop tractor with truly adjustable rear wheel width. The JD “A” eventually became the most popular tractor in the company’s history. We had a 1944 “A” that had been “streamlined” from the earlier model. The steering column was enclosed with a grill which was one of the major changes. Elaine’s Dad had one of these original “A’s” that is shown here with Dale and her on the tractor pulling a binder cutting wheat. 
Elaine thinks that she may have taken lunch out to her Dad and Dale and doesn’t believe she was involved with either the tractor or binder. Their ’40 Chevy is shown just in front of the tractor. Her Dad apparently took the picture after they had lunch.  She did run the JD “D” when it was used to pull the binder but not this rubber-tired “A”. Elaine also drove the Ford tractor that her folks had and went out and helped with harvest after we were married. This next picture not only shows her helping with harvest but a bit pregnant.

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