Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tim’s visit

Elaine got checked in for her first therapy session today and it was at the same time as mine so Carolyn and Sadie went down to meet Tim’s plane at the Lincoln Airport. They were already out on the deck when we got home and joined them for a good “catch-up” visit. Tim hadn’t had a chance to get anything to eat so they were enjoying Runzas and potato chips. Elaine had baked a Cherry pie this morning so a small piece of that added to the lunch. Sadie is a good eater and seemed to enjoy the pie crust more than the cherries. It was good to get a first hand report from Tim on all of his family. While we talk on the phone frequently, it isn’t like “face-to-face”. They were able to stop by and see Julie and Jack on their way home from the airport. This was the first time Tim had an opportunity to see Jack. Tim and their son Tony, were here last July when we had a Vrana family reunion at Syracuse, NE. Though we miss Laura not being along with Tim, we hope to see her and the whole family later this summer. I remember as my folks got older, there were times that they appreciated me stopping by alone and the same was true of Elaine’s folks. There was a time when we didn’t subscribe to the Sunday newspaper that gave us a weekly excuse to stop by for a much more important reason-- just to visit. I wish all of our boys were close enough to do just that. But we continue to be so thankful that our Daughter and family are close by. 

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