Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in Seward

We attended an impressive Church Service this morning and after lunch, continued my project of getting pictures of all the trucks and cars in my collection. This is a 1948 Ford F-1 and the trucks we had when I began with the USDA Soil Conservation Service. The Government trucks didn’t have white sidewalls and this model didn’t have the emblem on the door. I copied the old door symbols and attached it. We also had an instrument box and survey rod racks.
We were up at Carolyn and Ben’s for Easter supper which included an excellent dessert. We also toured the back yard to see the growth that is taking place in the Hot Bed, Peas an inch high, the compost pile “cooking”, the Rain Barrel set up and the Railroad Tracks in place. It’s easy to understand why Sadie is always excited about all the things she has to “work” with back there. We also got up 5th street a couple blocks from their house to get this picture of a Japanese Magnolia in full bloom. It is in the yard where my folks spent their retirement years. I had planted it for them about 30 years 
ago at a location north of the driveway. We continue to be grateful for the young couple who bought the place after the folks and had it moved to its present location when they added a parking area to the driveway. To complete our day, we had a problem with the Time - Warner HD box for our TV reception. We haven’t had to call our friend Aaron with T-W for some time and were unable to find his phone number. Fortunately, I pressed buttons, switched some wires, and got our service back. As we watched Duke win last night, we commented on our great reception. We hope it continues tomorrow.  

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