Thursday, April 30, 2015

Col. Gerald Meyer- The Nebraska National Guard Museum

We went down to the Senior Center at 1:00pm  today to hear Col. Jerry Meyer speak on the development of the Nebraska National Guard Museum. It will be in the old Armory that was built in 1956 here in Seward. The new Museum will replace the little 1913 building that was near the south entry to the State Fair Grounds in Lincoln. Jerry has been in the Guard for 32 years, developed the Higgins Boat Display in Columbus, been deployed to Afghanistan, and has traveled to  observe  36 Nat'l Guard State Museums. He says this will be one of the best. In addition to funds raised locally, some 3 million dollars were 
made available by Congress last fall and another 3 million is expected. The contractor doing the design is from Atlanta and has worked for the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. It will include many interactive features to depict joining the Guard and beginning basic training. There will also be a depiction of the Hedge Rows encountered by WWII soldiers in combat with the Nazis as the allies fought their way to St. Lo. It will be particularly meaningful to Elaine since she lost a cousin in that battle. In addition to a crew working on the inside, concrete was being poured today for the parking lot. 

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