Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chicago O’Hare Airport

Since returning from our baseball trip to Miami, I have been updating my “Baseball Parks Visited” book during my spare time. It is a labor of love and enables me to really assimilate the rapidly evolving events that occurred during those 3 days. One such event involved the change of planes in Chicago from the American plane that brought us from Miami to the United Terminal and plane that took me to Lincoln, NE. Our incoming American plane unloaded in Terminal 3 (shown in black) and my United plane boarded in Terminal 1 (shown in blue). I don’t know the scale of this drawing but can attest to the  significant distance between the two gates. Tim had thoughtfully planned to follow me and the young lady providing my transportation to my boarding area at United. When she pointed out to him that his American flight on to Indianapolis was loading in the “G” concourse, he turned off and trusted her to get me to where I needed to go. I had no concept of where we were headed but after many blocks of travel, up and down elevators, tram rides we got to the United Terminal. There I was subjected to the most thorough X-ray securing check and “shake down” that I’ve ever experienced.  We finally got to the  Lincoln boarding area where I gave her an additional tip beyond what Tim had done. She has no idea how much help she was to me and also to Tim since he would not have been able to make his flight had he gone the whole way with us. God Bless Her and others who make it possible for some of us to travel. 

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