Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baseball, Seed Corn and other Caps

Sadie may think this looks like 3 worms on Great Grandad’s office rug. Closer examination will reveal that it’s part of my collection of caps. These 68 are in addition to those in our closet and cars. I’m sure there are over 75 altogether. I pulled the box off the shelf this afternoon in which these are stored, looking to see how many major league baseball teams  for which I have a cap. There are several from the Soil and Water Conservation Society, from Kiwanis, Golf, Seed corn, etc. I have no idea of how many of these that were paid for but my guess is maybe 10-12. King Ranch, Harvard, Washington Redskins, Pebble Beach  Golf Course are some of them.
This second picture may give a clue as to why I wanted a baseball cap. For some years I was able to say that I’d seen games in all 30 of the major league parks. Then Miami built a new stadium a couple years ago that put me out-of-date. I have hopes of again getting current though it is a moving target. I have been to 20 something parks that are no longer in use. Ironically, the first major league game I saw was in Wrigley Field in Chicago where the Cubs hosted the Cardinals. That was in 1948 and that park is still in use. On that same trip we say Joe DiMaggio and the NY Yankees play the White Sox in old Cominisky park.  I  have seen games in 3 parks in St. Louis going back to seeing the NY Mets play the Cardinals in 1962. It was the Mets first year, and we saw the 2nd game they played at the beginning of the season. 

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