Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Mercedes-Benz

This is my model 1966 Mercedes-Benz 280SE. I have had it for a number of years but only took it out of the box recently to take some pictures and “play” with it. This is a Special Edition made by Maisto International, Inc. with a 1993 copyright. It was actually “Made in Thailand”. It does appear to be very well made. The detail is amazing. I have heard it said that taking such models out of their box will lower their value but after having this set on the shelf for many years, I decided to take a chance on actually getting my fingerprints on it. It was back in about the year this car came out that I was in a car pool in the Washington, D.C. area with a fellow whose brother-in-law was the east coast representative for Mercedes-Benz. It was through his enthusiasm that I decided one day I would have one. It has never come to pass, but I came close a few months ago when a Kiwanis friend had a used one for sale. I checked it out and found it was a “far cry” from this model. It was actually much smaller than my old Buick so didn’t even test drive it. There are many things that we wished for at one time, that we were either able to get or realize that we didn’t want them any more. That is true of more things than we are willing to admit. 

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