Thursday, April 2, 2015

John D. “Jack” Armstrong 1924-2015

We attended Jack Armstrong’s funeral today at the Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home in Lincoln. There were a large number of relatives and friends in attendance for the service conducted by Pastor Ray Norris. We had an opportunity to visit with David (Bud) and his wife Vela with whom we shared some memories. I don’t believe there was anyone there who had known Jack for as long as I have. My first memory goes back to an incident in 1935 when Jack’s mother and he came to our farm where his Dad was operating the steam engine on the Wagenknecht thrashing run at our farm. This picture was taken a couple years ago in Garland with the old Armstrong garage and filling station shown in the background. During the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s the garage was one of the busiest places in town. Jack “grew-up” working with his Dad, Cliff, Art Hans and others as auto mechanics. It was only natural that he would extend that knowledge as an automotive instructor at Southeast Community College. And, as a small engine repair mechanic in his retirement years. It was very appropriate to have a couple small wrenches in his pocket for his last rites. 

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