Thursday, April 16, 2015

NRCS/SCS Retirees Dinner

A group of the Lincoln area NRCS/SCS retirees got together this evening to eat and visit in the gazebo room at the Perkins restaurant at 48th and “O”. Shown here is Jim Harner, Jim Culver, Gus Dornbusch and Tony Vrana. The empty chair was Elaine’s who took the picture. The Annual Spring Banquet has been a major event for this group for many years but the number interested and available to attend such an event has been in constant decline. When the number available for the customary night this year was only 26, it was decided to have this casual event. While some of the Lincoln folks get together for breakfast on a monthly basis, the annual event was great for us. 
Here is another of the tables with Roger Hammer, Norm Helzer, Linda Helzer, Chris Chapman. We can thank Norm for picking up the ball and lining up this place when it appeared that the event may have to be cancelled. There is something about getting together with people that you worked with when you were younger that   turns your mental  clock back to those days. We were a very close knit agency that were committed to the conservation of our Natural Resources. Most of us thought of our work as a calling more than as a job. While times and jobs change, those of us who provided assistance rather than enforcement, were most fortunate. 

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