Friday, April 3, 2015

Seward Memorial Health Care Systems

Construction continues by the Sampson Company on the Seward Memorial Hospital. We are very fortunate in having the facility that we have and what it will become. It is already one of Seward’s major businesses. It was fortunate when the SMHCS acquired the whole block immediately across Columbia Avenue to the west that is being utilized for employee and customer parking. Land was also added behind the facility years ago that is utilized for the Heliport. We live within a couple blocks of the facility and hear the frequent 
Helicopter trips. We are fortunate in being only 25 miles from Lincoln which enables many specialist to have regular schedules for providing their services to local patients. I am developing greater respect for the Physical Therapy Unit which I have started visiting. I have a half hour schedule on Tuesdays and Fridays. Elaine and I also made a tour of our yard this afternoon to enjoy some of the spring flowers and check-out some of the shrubs. The Lilac leaves have really “popped out” with the rain and warm weather. We do have some Yews, shrubs and grass that we will be watching for life. 

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