Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring is Here

Many people recognize the first day of spring as shown on the calender, others may think of the date that we spring forward with our clocks but to us, today was it. This was the day that we switched the snow blower and lawnmower’s position in our garage. It’s not just as simple as that however, since we first syphon as much gas out of the snow blower tank as possible. Then we start it up and let it burn all the remaining gas out of the fuel line. We then make the switch of the two machines. I’m shown here finishing mowing the front yard and have already dumped the clippings onto the burlap bag to tote them to the compost pile in the back yard. After doing some part-time work with Nebraska Nurseries  years ago, I can’t do anything in the yard without a burlap bag. So with our yard machines switched around and my flannel shirts down in storage, Spring has Arrived at our Household.

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