Saturday, April 11, 2015

’53 Chevy 5-window Pickup

Among the model trucks, tractors and cars that I have been working on is this 1953 Chevy 5 window pickup. This die cast model with plastic parts was made by the MIRA company under agreement with General Motors. It has workable steering, with opening doors, hood and tail gate. It brings back memories of a ’49, 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with the corner windows that I bought soon after we moved back to Nebraska and were living at the farm. It’s engine had been rebuilt but nothing had been done to the body. In fact it’s box had been scraped. It would have taken very little to have restored the body but the inside of the cab would have been a challenge. With farming and working for the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission, I had all the challenges I needed and never got anything done to it. We ended up selling it on our farm sale about 7 years after buying it. I probably have had more enjoyment “playing” with this ’53” Chevy model than I ever had from the ’49, and it didn’t cost me as much. This little 1:18 model would make someone a great gift for Father’s Day. 

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