Friday, April 10, 2015

ART by any other Name

Eric Ringer (HOTTEA) is in town as a guest of Concordia University and the Jones National Bank and Trust. He typically works with yarn to create installations that co-exist with a space non-destructively and brings attention to neglected and forgotten spaces. That is not necessarily the case  for the art he has planned to produce here on the east side of the County Courthouse. Some preliminary work was begun this afternoon. HOTTEA’s Emmy award winning video can be viewed at to get more information on Ringer’s background and the story on some of his projects. I’m sure it will attract a crowd tomorrow to see what may evolve. We discussed a topic at the First Impressions committee meeting which has some connection to this project. It involves the storefront appearance where the local CASA office is located. When the former J.C.Penny store closed and the letters from their sign were removed, the unfaded paint under the letters left a very tacky appearance. It could be repainted and covered in just a few minutes with a couple quarts of paint. However, our committee has been working on this for over a year without success. Sometimes the more difficult things are accomplished quicker than the easy ones. 

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