Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding Cake

Elaine and I went to the Seward Home Show this morning down at the Ag Pavilion. Tom Basset, an Antique appraiser from Lincoln was on the program. He not only made some very interesting comments but also gave his opinion of the retail value of items that people brought down. Elaine took a little hand mirror that was made in Denmark and I took my Sulfide marble. We were pleased at the value he placed on them. We walked past most of the booths but were tempted by cake samples to stop at "Tasteful Indulgence". Kitty specializes in cakes and had made a first anniversary cake for our granddaughter Julie and husband John. It so happened that she had a picture of the cake that showed the little "figurine topping" that had been used on their wedding cake. Elaine was pleased to tell her that the little "figurine couple" was first used on our wedding cake when we were married here in Seward back in 1949. Elaine had kept it among her souvenirs over the years and many miles of moves. Kitty was most impressed and took this picture. I was equally impressed with my sample of her white cake.

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