Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garage Stuff

This is one wall of our garage, the other 2 have an equal or greater amount of "stuff" on them. We went to another auction this afternoon and it's always interesting as to how most people have about 75% of the same stuff as everyone else on their estate sale. We are planning on a garage sale this spring to get rid of some of the stuff that we never use. But, we were going to have one last year and the year before that and never got it done. Elaine would tell you that golf takes priority over getting ready for a garage sale, (or many other things.) Though our grass needs mowing, I have put it off and haven't switched the snow blower  and the mower as yet. But this was a busy day. We went to early Church, played golf, went to the Auction, called Verlon in Richmond, Carolyn stopped by, watched Tiger win at Bay Hill and picked up on Kansas and Kentucky winning. As of tonight, I'd put my money on Kansas. It's great to see Tiger back in the winner's circle. Now if we can just get ready for the garage sale but tomorrow I need to go to coffee, Kiwanis, play golf and attend the Kiwanis Farmer's Banquet--what a deal.

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