Friday, March 9, 2012

Ridge Road, Spring of 1967

Elaine took this picture in March of 1967. That was the spring that I completed my BA degree from GWU. Verlon was in the 11th grade. Tim a sophomore, Carolyn in the 9th grade and Jon in the 7th. We were in the front yard of our Ridge Road house. "Heloise" who took over the column from her mother, was in Tim's class and lived just up the hill from the houses shown. We lived there for 11 years and it was a great neighborhood. Gunston Jr. High was just a block away that had tennis courts and a large playground. It also had a big parking lot where the kids learned to drive the VW Bug. Jon had a paper route that he maintained for several years and Verlon and Tim also carried papers for a while. We had a shopping center a couple blocks away and in many ways, an ideal location. We were about 2 miles south of the Pentagon. The biggest problem was the City Buses rolling down the hill and hitting their brakes as they passed our house causing it to shake like an earthquake. I wish I could have spent more family time while we lived there and not so much time at my job, studying my college courses, being in class, and traveling.

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