Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Golfing Season & Baseball Talk

With afternoon temperatures approaching 70 degrees we got out to the golf course. It was my first time out since late January and while the 20mph winds didn't add to the beauty of the day, it sure beat sitting at the computer. One of the reasons for the picture is that tomorrow is Charlie's birthday when he will catch up with my big number of years. Dale is the "young guy" in the foursome and provides a challenge to match his drives. I mentioned our foursome and will have to include an additional picture to show Eldy. He is probably the best golfer of our group. He and I played baseball on the same Garland, NE town team back in the '50's. It's great to be able to play golf at this age and I did shoot half my age today over the 9 holes of our course. Now tonight we have a City Council meeting but the agenda doesn't appear to have any "crowd gathering" items
I had forgotten how to set my camera for "time delay" or else we could have all been on one picture. I did get it figured out after getting home and this time "wrote it down". Eldy was leaving after we played to see Darin Erstad coach the Nebraska Husker baseball team to a win over Kansas State in Lincoln. They have now won 7 of their last 8 games after losing some earlier. Some years ago, during a break in a Soil Conservation meeting, I said something about having played baseball when I was young. One of the other fellows in our small group spoke up and said his son in law was a baseball player. I ask him who he played with and he said, "The Anaheim Angles - he is Darin Erstad". I didn't even tell him that I played with Garland in the Blue Valley League. 

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