Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Early Spring

I expect we mowed the lawn during March when we lived back in Virginia, but don't believe we've ever done it before in Nebraska. We are about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of normal this spring. While we enjoy the beautiful weather, we can't help but wonder what the summer may bring. We both had dental appointments for cleaning this morning. I have a couple small cavities that are scheduled to be fixed and Elaine is facing the forming and installation of a bridge to replace a tooth pulled recently. I hope all the new techniques for cleaning teeth "pay-off". The Technician worked on me for over 45 minutes this morning and I didn't enjoy a minute of it. Like many things us "old folks" cope with, the "new" is more expensive and more painful than the old way. I also had to set the clock on the telephone answering machine after the electricity was off for a while this afternoon. It wasn't as simple as "just turning a nob". Fortunately, my golf game was acceptable today.

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