Friday, March 30, 2012

Ponce de Leon

This is a page from "The Winston Readers", by Firman and Maltby, Third Reader. It was Illustrated by Fredrick Richardson and published by The John C. Winston Company with a 1930 copyright date. I bought it at an auction a couple weeks ago in a box with several other books for $1.00. The book is in very good condition and contains 84 stories, many with colorful illustrations in its 252 pages. Several pages in the back of the book are devoted to "List of Words Taught in The Winston Third Reader". The "Story" of Ponce de Leon tells of his having been born in Spain in 1460. When Columbus returned to Spain after the discovery of America, Ponce was so impressed that he was among those on Columbus' 2nd voyage. He remained in America and became the first Governor of Puerto Rico. As he aged he set out with a crew in ships to find what was believed to be a "Fountain of Youth".  It was Easter morning when they reached land (which they thought was India where the Fountain supposedly existed). They called the place, "Pascue Florida" which means Easter in Spanish. He and his party were greeted by friendly Indians and  bathed in all the springs and rivers they encountered, but their youth was not restored. He returned to Puerto Rico where he lived for many more years. This story only takes up 2 pages in the book but what a wonderful way for a 3rd grade student to learn some history, geography, and some new words while reading a story.

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