Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Early Spring

Dale took this picture of Charlie and I last year on the 27th of April when this Bradford Pear was in full bloom out on #8 at the golf course. He took one again yesterday on the 27th of March with the tree again in full bloom. We were dressed in shirt sleeves yesterday and many were dressed in shorts and short sleeves in our near 80 degree temperature. The picture yesterday was taken on my cell phone and so far I haven't been able to get it transferred to the computer. I'm awaiting assistance from a younger generation. I didn't score very well at the golf course today. Having gone to a funeral this morning, it was difficult to get in the proper mood. Then when I got home, Elaine told me of 2 of her local HS classmates being placed in a care facility. We bought groceries soon after and picked up over $90. dollars worth. It just didn't seem to make much difference what things cost considering how lucky we are to enjoy good health. We do have some clouds in the western skies and may get some rain tonight, and could sure use it. We do Home Delivered Meals tomorrow where most of our customers are younger than we are. We will do this ahead of my tee time and hope the blossoms are still on the Pear tree . 

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