Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don on Ole Betsy

I wrote recently about our visit back east in 1948 that also included Richmond, VA. As we drove down Monument Avenue, we were deeply impressed by all the Civil War statues. We had no idea of the "code" that tells the fate of the rider by the position of the horse. On a Sunday afternoon soon after we got home, brother Don got on Ole Betsy, coaxed her up on top of a 5' high, fresh cob pile, and I took their picture. It certainly wasn't to show any disrespect for those Southern soldiers but rather an example of a couple farm boys entertaining themselves in a creative manner. Don "grew-up" on a pony and has always been a good horseman. We raised Ole Betsy from one of our mares and though she was a "plow-horse", was also good to ride. You will notice the blinders on the bridle which was just part of her "working harness". As I recall, Don had more difficulty getting her down off the shifting cobs than he had getting her up. It was a sad day when she was traded away and replaced by a tractor.

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