Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day and My Claim

I'm not sure how "Irish" I am but on St. Patrick's Day, I qualify. My Great-Grandparents on my Mothers side came to the United States from Ireland back in the mid-nineteenth century, settled in Illinois, fought with the Union army, and came to Seward following the Civil war. Christopher Turner and Matilda Robinson were married here in Seward County on October 13, 1878. He was born in "The North of Ireland" and she in Tyrone. At the time of their wedding Christopher was 45 and Matilda a young lass of 21. My Grandmother was the eldest of their 8 children, all born in a little house in Seward within 3 blocks of where we live. Though Christopher died long before I was born, I have distinct memories of Great-Grandmother Turner. I was 5 years old at the time she died but remember going out to the farm a short distance south of Seward where they lived. Elaine has done a yeoman's job of genealogy of my ancestors by building on what my Mother had done, but we really have so little in comparison to what might have been. My "first hand" stories from Great Uncles came by being a kid listening when the family would be together for funerals. There was very little information written down. One of the stories my Great Uncles told was of their Father (Christopher) telling them how much better the land was here in Seward County than in Illinois where he had lived. The problem seemed to be with swampy soil. It was in an area which where tile drainage was later installed. It is now some of the most productive agriculture land in the country. I hope kids today will make a special effort to visit with their elders and learn as much as they can from them . Some day they will really appreciated it. And, we "oldsters" should write down as much data and as many family stories as we can for the use of those future generations. Now I'm going to get me a drink of Irish Cream , and listen to some Irish Music.

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