Sunday, March 18, 2012


There were two auctions in Seward yesterday. Cornwell's had a Farm Toy Tractor and Truck sale at the new Heritage Hall. They were set up for internet bidding and sold several in that manner the short time I attended. I went on over to the 4-H building where Schweitzer's had a large estate sale. I didn't stay very long since we had a 11:00 o'clock tee time. When I got back home, Elaine and I went down where Carolyn was excited about her winning bids. I ended up with two purchases, each of which I got for a $1.00. One was a box containing some 20+ casssette tapes. The other purchase was a box of books including the 319 page Life Magazine publication covering their "First Fifty Years". I spent considerable time with it last evening and could remember when the things happened on nearly every page. I did this while listening to some of my newly acquired tapes. They included songs of Floyd Cramer, Andre Rieu, Kris Kristofferson, The Three Irish Tenors, etc. It's interesting how the selling price changes on items at sales of this nature. The Toy Tractors would have sold higher 10-15 years ago. Cassette tapes and most books are not much more than "give away". It's well to continue to keep "stuff" that has meaning to each of us, but don't expect it to have high value on the estate sale. 

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