Monday, March 12, 2012

KHAN Academy

Last night 60 Minutes had a segment on KHAN Academy. I had never heard of it before but it was started by a young Wall Street Hedge Fund manager. Sal has 3 degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. His first efforts at developing educational programs were for the benefit of his own children. It has caught the interest of Bill Gates leading to an Academy development team that is educating the world via the Internet. It can be accessed at, <htttp://> without any charge or even registering. I have czeched out the math, banking, and art areas and am most impressed. I haven't began to seek out all of what it offers but have already leaned some things about banking that I didn't know after 20 years on the local Bank's Board of Directors. The material is presented in a very understandable manner and makes you feel like you have a personal tutor. We sometimes worry about the younger generation but when you see what a young team of brilliant people are doing to "educate the world" it's most heartening. Google KHAN Academy and read about it, even before you access the website. You will be amazed.

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