Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garland, NE

This is a Google map of the area where we saw the Mountain Lion yesterday. I have confirmed with some of the people that live in the area that they have been spotted as well as having evidence of their presence. Garland sets on the divide between the glaciated area to the east and the loess plains to the west. It is apparent even in the picture of where the land is nearly level in the field north of town and very hilly to the east. The divide is actually right in the middle of town where water divides with some flowing to the west into the Big Blue River, the Kansas River and into the Missouri River near Kansas City. That  which flows east goes to Middle Creek, Salt Creek, the Platte River and into the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, NE. Much of the Seward County land in the glaciated area has been reseeded to Native Grasses under the USDA Conservation Reserve program. It has provided ideal wildlife habitat and is most attractive to people in Lincoln, some 20 miles away, as country home sites. One exceptional home that we checked on recently pays nearly $1,000. /mo. for real estate tax. The land is better suited for that than raising corn and the wildlife, including Mountain Lions, adds to the "glamour" for some people. 

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