Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hopa Crab on #5

This Hopa Crab tree was in full color out at the golf course this afternoon. The blooms were just opening so it may be even prettier tomorrow. The small Bradford pears and the old windbreak provide a nice background. Many of the old pines in the shelterbelts and elsewhere have succumb to various insects over the past few years. Some evidence is shown in the upper right hand side of the picture. This Hopa Crab sets just off the fairway on #5 next to the cart path. Over the years it has been a bit of a hazard to those of us with a slight fade, especially if the pin is on the north portion of the green. I have had several shots "knocked down" by it and had difficulty with the pitch shot that followed. But seeing it today and looking forward to enjoying it for the next few days, makes it more than tolerable. We did Home Delivered Meals today which again prompted Charlie and I to talk about how fortunate we are to be out enjoying the beauty of nature and getting our exercise by swinging a golf club rather than being in therapy. Our scores weren't very good today but that really didn't make much difference.

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