Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flowering Dogwood

This is the Dogwood tree in full bloom in the back yard of our Ridge Road house back in the early '70's, It was taken out our upstairs west windows. While we have dogwood here in Nebraska, it isn't the flowering type that we enjoyed in Virginia. With global warming maybe someday it will be possible. I do have an Azalea bush that has survived it's second winter. (If you want to  call what we had this year a winter). The Magnolias, Bradford Pears and other flowering trees are in full bloom here a couple weeks earlier than normal. I worked out in the backyard for about an hour after coming in from the golf course and am thankful that our yard is small.  I am writing this while out on the deck. We have come down off our 80 degree temperature this afternoon but it is still very comfortable. (You may recognize Glenn Lovin and the girls in their back yard.)

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