Saturday, March 31, 2012

School Complex up for Sale

. The Seward Middle School property is up for sale. It includes the building shown built in about 1918 which for many years was the High School. Also included is the original HS building known at one time as the "Band Building", the Elementary building constructed in 1931, a gymnasium-auditorium built in the early '50's, and additional classrooms built in the '80's and a classic, free standing, maintenance building. It sets on 3 city blocks near the City Square. The asking price is $199,000. However, the school board retains the right to refuse offers. They want to assure that it will not become an "eyesore" in the community when a purchaser may later find the cost of renovation or demolition prohibitive. It is a very unique challenge. Estimates for demolition of the building shown have run as high as a million dollars because of asbestos and other material. This building is where Elaine went to HS and graduated with the Class of '47.
This is the old Elementary portion of the complex built in 1931. I was in 1st grade when we moved to this building after Christmas vacation. We moved to the farm on February 8, 1932 so only spent a few weeks in it but distinctly remember the brightly varnished wooden floors. This is also the building where Verlon and Tim started to school. Julie also started to school in this building. While we don't like to see old landmarks destroyed, we have to be realistic in what purposes they may serve and what the cost of conversion may be. My old country school was bought by a local farmer and was converted into a corn crib. Unfortunately, this challenge isn't that simple.

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  1. It's hard to see such historic buildings be demolished - but I imagine the renovation costs will prohibit anyone from preserving it! As I remember, bricks were falling off it - when we were there last summer. Any interests in it so far?