Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Car Ride

The Kitones sang at the Senior Center this noon for the March Birthday Dinner so I didn't get to meet my guys for their 12:30 tee time. It was such a beautiful day that when I got home,  suggested to Elaine that we go "out to the hills" for a car ride. Recently a "Castle" appearing house has been advertised for sale a few miles NE of Garland that I wanted to see. (It cost over a million dollars to build 10 years ago).  This is country that I grew up in and have worked on most of the farms during my early SCS days. On the way to the Castle, we drove up a "new dead end road" a mile east of Garland that leads to the center of 4 sections of land without any other roads in the area.  There have been a couple houses build near the end of the road in  very isolated areas. As we drove up the road we noticed what appeared to be a large dog near a watering hole. As we got closer and watched it move across the field, it appeared to be a Mountain Lion. It's coloring, tail, size and the way it ran, convinced up that it was. One of the "farmers" in this isolated area raises Lamas. We wondered if that could have been an attraction to this wild creature. After continuing our most enjoyable ride that included visiting the old Oak Grove Cemetery, driving past both my and Elaine's childhood farms, stopping to visit old friends who were planting garden, we got home to find Daffodils blooming at our front door.

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