Friday, March 23, 2012

Nebraska Hall of Ag Achievement

We participated in the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement annual Banquet this evening down at the East Campus Union. Dr. Allen G. Blezek and Dr. Roger W. Mandigo were the Honorees. Seven new members were accepted into the Hall. I have known Dr. Blezek for the past 25 years going back to when I was involved in his UN-L Leadership Development  program( LEAD). I had not known Dr. Mandigo who was recognized for his research and development in the meat industry. He developed the McDonald "McRib" product. Cheryl Stubbendieck was the only one of the seven new members that I knew. Doug Brand from Seward, was inducted into the Hall a year ago. He and wife Gale sat at our table along with Dayle Williamson and Chancellor Martin Massingale. Jack Maddux sat at an adjoining table but joined Martin and Dayle for the picture. Dayle was my boss during my Nebraska Natural Resources Commission Days and I worked closely with all 3 of them in those days as well as with the Soil & Water Conservation Society. This annual event is always a great opportunity to meet with old friends.  

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