Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tom Bassett

Tom Bassett, an Antique appraiser from Lincoln, NE was one of the attractions at the recent Seward Spring Show. He is used widely for appraising items in estates and gifts to charitable organizations. He accepted items that people brought in to the Seward Show and it had some similarity to the Antique Road Show on TV. I took my Sulfide Marble down and was thrilled when he said it probably had a retail value of 75 to 80 dollars. A friend had earlier given me an estimate of 35 to 40. I came home and put it on eBay for $35.00 and while there were over 20 "looks" and several watchers, there was not a single bid. The bidding closed on Saturday so I relisted it for another week. It was bad enough that Duke got beat in the first round as did our Nebraska girls but then to not get a bid on my marble, made for an unpleasant weekend. But on the bright side, I did shoot my age playing golf Sunday in 25mph winds.

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