Sunday, April 30, 2017

Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees

This is the top half of a NEWSLETTER published bi-monthly for Retired SCS and NRCS employees. The 28 page email version for May/June 2017 arrived today. The publication is supported by several thousand USDA retirees and receives no Federal Funding. The Association of Retired Soil Conservation Service Employees was organized in the early '70's to help retirees maintain relationships with people with whom they had worked over the years.    (The Agency name was then changed to Natural Resources Conservation Service to reflect its expanded mission.) Most employees worked in several locations during their advancement up the career ladder and developed many close relationships through training, State and National Meetings. 
Here is an example of a group of retirees from  Wyoming that got together recently.  The letter's format includes: "Notes from the Potomac", The President's letter, Historian's report and reports from each of the States and other Units. It also includes a Memorial listing of those reported as having passed on. As the Agency Personnel Director, I had the opportunity to know a large number of employees. After retirement, I served as an Officer in the organization and continued to attend Annual Meetings for a number of years. I still look forward to receiving the Newsletter though I know a declining number of those mentioned. I must admit that I could identify with more  names in the Memorial listing than elsewhere.

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