Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Family Pictures

Don, Gladys and the girls, got back to see us when we lived on Ridge Road in Arlington, VA. They got in on July 11,1971 and spent several days with us. We were so busy trying to show them everything, that I didn't get very much put down in my Diary. We did a lot of sight seeing. I did note that Don and I played golf on the Public Course at Haines Point which would have been one of my first rounds. I noted their heading for New York City when they left but don't recall any report on that part of their trip. Verlon was involved with the National Guard Unit at Manassas, VA, and not on the picture. 
This lower picture is one from Mother's batch and she had written on the back, "Our 11 Grandchildren taken at Bud's on June 24, 1962. Back row (L-R) Terry, Tim, Verlon, Sandy, and Carolyn. Front row: Jon, Sandy, Gary, Julie, Becky and Laurie. This was a family get-to-gather before our moving back to Virginia. I thought this would be an interesting picture to have available at our Family Reunion this summer. I really don't know what may be the best way to view them. We have several albums of prints and numerous CDs and DVDs. Any ideas on presentation are welcomed.

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