Friday, April 21, 2017

Granddaughter & Great Grandson

Carolyn brought down this picture that Julie drew when she was a little girl and I worked in the the Nebraska State Office Building.  My window was on the 4th floor on the "L" Street side of the building on Centennial Mall. We haven't visited with Julie about this, but I assume I must have waived out my window to her on some occasion. I believe the little figure down by her name is a drawing of her, down on the sidewalk. This drawing is probably about 30 years old. Carolyn had done a good job of keeping it in excellent condition. The 8 years that I worked for the State gave me an opportunity to become well acquainted with Nebraska natural resources as well as State Government and the Legislature. I learned quickly that lobbyists play a significant role in the Nebraska Unicameral. I was not in favor of limiting State Senators to 2 consecutive terms since it gives staff and lobbyist even more clout. There has been some discussion to amending the limitation to 3, 4year terms rather than the current 2. That would at least be an improvement.
Jack was here when I got home from coffee this morning and had already found the Cherry Pie. It was a bit chilly to go outside this morning so we entertained ourselves inside. He gave his "horse" a good workout. He's getting big enough that he can just "man-handle" the horse and do most anything with him, including making him gallop by picking him up by the handles, walking a couple steps with the horse between his legs, and moving across the room.   Bowzer also got into the activity later.

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