Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Living Last Supper

We enjoyed the Message provided at the Living Last Supper of the Leonardo da Vinci painting last night at the Seward United Methodist Church and were very favorably impressed with the "professional" presentation of the the cast. It is being presented again this evening at 8:00pm. While it appeared to be a "full house" last night, there were a few single and double, empty seats interspersed among the crowd. I would expect a similar attendance this evening. The Disciples are (left to right: 
 Nathaniel,  Cameron Soester; James the Lesser,   Jerry Meyer; Andrew,   Rod Barth; Judas,  Jack Broderick; Peter,   Rod Lyon; John,  J.B. Ketner; Jesus,   Jack Fuller; Thomas   Matt Hastings; James,   Larry Chapman; Philip,   Patrick Checketts; Matthew,   Greg Zabka; Thaddaeus,   John Moody; Simon the Zealot,   Clay Shepherd. Lynette Broderick gave the Prologue and Lindsay Hastings served as Narrator.


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