Saturday, April 8, 2017

Son Verlon

I went through a bunch of  1970's pictures this morning while Elaine was at the Beauty Shop and found a couple of Verlon that warrant some discussion. Soil Conservation pictures for Jon is what I was looking for but as so often happens, you come across more interesting ones than what you looked for. I didn't get the year of this shot but believe it would have been about Verlon's Jr. year of Wakefield HS in Arlington, VA. His "cut-away" model house looks like a very neat piece of work and I must admit to having very little memory of it. Elaine and I were both working full time plus I finished my BA and got my MBA about the time Verlon would have been working on this project. It reminds me some-what of the model houses that Carolyn has worked on recently, including a model of a 7 foot row-house in Alexandria, VA. This picture also shows some of the "undergrowth in the fence line behind Verlon. This doesn't show it, but the walking Cane I use these days, was cut from a small Pin Oak growing in this fence line with a grape vine wrapped around it, which gave the Cane a unique twist. 
This picture of Verlon was taken a couple years later but again demonstrates some of his "artistic ability" that we didn't really appreciate at the time. I have no memory of his working on this vest nor know what may have become of it. I have no ideal of how he could have obtained the Budweiser patch or any other part of it for that matter. But looking back on it now, I don't believe either Elaine nor I gave him credit for developing a pretty unique vest that represented young people's attitudes in the 70's. We are looking forward to Verlon being out to visit later this summer. I've even added a couple "home maintenance" items today to the list of things for him to "take on" while he's here.  He will be here during the Eclipse and observing it will be the top priority. Hopefully, there will be time to do the repair work, painting, tree trimming, and yard work that needs to be done. We might not even have time to go to Bee for fish on Friday night. But, will do some special things and plan to just sit out on the Deck, have a drink,  and talk about things and stuff.

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