Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Our oldest son has reservations for flying back for his annual visit at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. Word is that many locations along the route are already booked for hotel reservations. It appears that the "Totality" here will be less than 2 minutes. As I can recall, we had a partial solar eclipse back in the Arlington, VA area in the late 60's or early 70's. I remember of setting up our binoculars to project an image against a poster board.

It is interesting that we should have this event during the same year that we are celebrating the 150th birthday of Nebraska as a State and also for Seward as a city. While there is a full list of special activities already booked to celebrate these events, I haven't seen anything planned to recognize the solar Eclipse. We have had a lot of cloudy weather during the past couple weeks but normally, we get a lot more clouds and rain in April than we do in August. We usually hope for rain in Nebraska in August but not on the 21st.

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