Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don's Role in Our Conservation Family

Brother Don is shown here having just received a Distinguished Performance Award from his SCS boss, Rudy Hraban. Rudy was the Work Unit Conservationist in the Syracuse, NE Office, and Don was a Soil Conservation Technician there. Our son Jon who is with the SCS/NRCS, is doing a paper on members of our family that worked for the Soil Conservation Service and after it's name was changed to Natural Resources Conservation Service. Don just sent me some great pictures that I scanned and have sent on to Jon. In addition to Don's time with the Service, Jon's continuing career, and brother-in-law,  Ed Soucek and my 32 year Careers; we can combine a significant number of years of service. He was very effective in explaining terraces to farmers after having built them for some years.
Don is show next to the "cut-off section of this large corrugated metal tube and riser during an early stage of Dam construction. Earth fill is typically brought in to build a Dam over the top of such a drainage system. The large "riser" is set on a concrete base and the first section of the outlet tube, wielded to the riser. While Don's length of service with the Agency was shorter than the rest of us, it is very obvious from the pictures and all reports, that he certainly "did this Conservation Family proud" during those years and has continued to support the conservation ethic.

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